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Discuss the ways in which textual forms and featur...

Discuss the ways in which textual forms and features shape your understanding of Hamlet.
You will be assessed on how well you:
*Respond to the question
*Evaluate the extent to which the text’s language, content and construction contributes to establishing the central idea in the question
*Organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form

One of the goals of a business is to limit its “...

One of the goals of a business is to limit its “risk, liability and dollar payouts.”  An American company is seeking to operate abroad in a foreign country. You are asked as to what organizational form that foreign entity should take in order to not allow any liability incurred on foreign soil to extend back to the corporate headquarters in the US. Would you set up a branch office or a wholly owned subsidiary? Why? Discuss!

A printing business in town stopped paying bills t...

A printing business in town stopped paying bills to a local ink distributor. The manager of the printing business called to ask for extension, explaining that they were going through a cash crunch. The manager of distributorship insisted on an immediate payment before continuing to do business. Printer said that he would have to go elsewhere for his supplies.

Distributor drafted a letter to all of the other distributors in town informing them that Printer is no longer able to pay his bills and that therefore they should not do business with them. As a result, Printer cannot continue his operations and declares bankruptcy.

Does the Printer have recourse against Distributor? If so, what kind and why does that legal theory apply? (Make sure to apply legal theories, elements, factors, etc. from this week to the facts of this case.)

Would the situation be any different if non-payment was simply reported to a credit reporting agency? Why or why not?

Write a legal opinion including a minimum of 4 out...

Write a legal opinion including a minimum of 4 outside sources responding to the following:

What is the best form of business organization for my real estate business? Please review all major forms of organizations and explain when they might be the right forms for my business. Discuss the legal compliance steps and general governance / investor relation rules for each form.

You are a senior manager of a computer company tha...

You are a senior manager of a computer company that competes with Apple, Inc. (Apple). You read a case study about Apple and determined that doing a SWOT analysis of Apple may help you with your own strategies. Perform a SWOT analysis by identifying at least five factors each for Apple’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. For each strategic factor that you include, make sure that you also include an explanation of why that factor is important and why you selected and positioned that factor in that category. For example, if you include a factor as a Strength, make sure you explain why you think it is a strength. After reviewing the SWOT analysis of Apple, propose a strategy and a product to take advantage of their vulnerabilities to help increase your company’s market share. Remember to be precise about what operating system your product will work with. In addition, remember that a strategy is not just an idea of “what” to do, it is a plan of “how” to do it. A strategy must describe “how” you are going to implement the idea, what potential ramifications (pros and cons) may result from your strategic implementation and what feedback mechanisms you will use to evaluate the success or failure of your strategic implementation. Deliverable Length: The deliverable length shall be of five to seven pages (cover page and reference page not included). As a graduate business student, you are required to provide a well-researched and analyzed comprehensive response to every assignment question. Brief, vague, generic, or non-definitive responses will not earn good grades. All individual project assignments require a minimum of five to seven (5 to 7) scholary sources, a minimum of one per page. You are welcome and encouraged to use the David text book and the course materials that came for this course. For reference us the APA guide available as shown in the virtual campus under “interactive learning”.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint p...

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, in which you identify advantages and disadvantages of using presentation aids in group presentations. Address the following in your presentation:

Describe four different presentation aids used in group presentations.

  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of your selected aids when used in group presentations.

Determine whether consumer demand is created and s...

Determine whether consumer demand is created and sustained by the advertising industry, or whether it is already present and simply informed by advertising. Provide specific examples to support your response. • Evaluate the arguments for and against self-regulation in the advertising industry and discuss what steps (if any) the government should take toward increased governmental regulations. Explain your rationale. “Consumer Manipulation” Please respond to the following: • From the e-Activity, discuss your reaction to the public service announcement in relation to the marketing of junk food to children, with a focus on why or why not this PSA is appropriate. • Assess all of the issues discussed in Chapter 7 to determine the extent to which you believe the U.S. consumer is being manipulated by marketing and technology, as well as what steps should be taken (if any) to address possible manipulation.

Select an existing program or service delivery mod...

Select an existing program or service delivery model in your community or surrounding environment (e.g., free-standing clinic, specialized treatment center) that provides services to those impacted by HIV/AIDS. Describe both, direct as well as indirect, costs associated with the program and how the program is evaluated (cost-benefit or cost-effective analysis). Chapter 7 of the course text defines these terms in more detail.

List a few of the issues and considerations busine...

List a few of the issues and considerations businesses should have when it comes to the selection of long-term investments and how those issues impact the various financial statements.



Review the rights and responsibilities of Certified Management Accountants:

What are some of the ethical responsibilities and obligations that management accountants have within an organization? Provide some examples. Are these responsibilities different than the obligations for financial accountants?