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In two to three paragraphs, provide the following ...

In two to three paragraphs, provide the following information about the business you created in Week 1.
Based on the type of product your business will offer, discuss potential product liability issues and how your company can avoid these potential risks.
Explain your plans to handle sales contracts and warranties.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to contracts:
including FOB Shipment terms
including FOB Destination terms
Will your contracts include FOB Shipment or FOB Destination terms?
If you hire an accountant to audit your business, what standards should you expect from the accounting firm?

Magic Suzy, an expert balloon artist, rented two h...

Magic Suzy, an expert balloon artist, rented two helium tanks from Party Products. Magic Suzy had a booth at the city fair that was in town from Friday until Sunday night. She was going to give out helium-filled balloons, as well as the little animals she made from twisting the balloons. The rental contract required Suzy to return the used tanks by Monday. She left the tanks inside her booth at the fairgrounds on Sunday evening after the fair closed. Suzy planned to come back early Monday to clean and pick up the tanks.
Oscar, aged 15, attended the fair with some friends. After the fair was closed, they jumped over the fence and discovered the tanks. The tanks carried printed warnings stating:
Despite these warnings, Oscar opened the valve and inhaled some helium from one of the tanks, collapsed, and died. Oscar’s father sued Magic Suzy and Party Products for product liability and negligence.
Will Oscar’s father win his suit? Explain why or why not.
Does the rental contract between Magic Suzy and Party Products influence the case in any way? If yes, how? If not, explain why.

Susan, the owner and president of Frosty Dairy Tre...

Susan, the owner and president of Frosty Dairy Treats (Frosty’s), wanted to sell the business to Delilah’s Frozen Delights, Inc. (Delilah’s). To provide a basis for the transaction, Susan retained Franklin, an accountant, to perform an audit of Frosty Dairy Treats. Franklin knew that Delilah would use the audit report in making the purchase of Frosty’s. Franklin’s audit report showed Frosty’s to be profitable. Delilah relied on this report in agreeing to purchase Frosty’s and agreeing to the terms of the purchase. Sometime later, it was discovered that the accountant had made a number of mistakes and that the business that was sold was actually insolvent. Delilah sued Franklin and his firm for damages. The suit claimed that Franklin had negligently misrepresented the facts.
Provide legal arguments for each side and determine a winner.
Does it make any difference whether Frosty’s or Delilah’s was a publicly traded company?

When creating the documentation for a new project,...

When creating the documentation for a new project, project managers often review templates and completed documentation from previous projects, to find documentation which can be used as a starting point and then be revised for use in the new project. To simulate this activity, you are asked in the Unit 2 assignment to review documentation for the Gauchito Project Plan Final file, which is in Doc Sharing, and revise the Project Charter and the Work Breakdown Structure to include all of the required information which is described in the Unit 2 grading rubric. Your project consists of two parts: Part One: Read the Executive Summary (starts on p. 3 of the Gauchito Project Plan Final file) and the Project Charter (starts on p. 99 of the Gauchito Project Plan Final file) of the Gauchito reusable commercial launch vehicle entry to the Asari X-Prize competition. Understand that our organization is sub-contracted to Scaled- Composites Corporation, out of Mojave, California. Based on the given scenario, write a draft project charter for your sponsor’s signature. Use the Gauchito rocket project documentation as a starting point and revise it to fill in the Michael Greer Project Charter worksheet template (in Doc Sharing). You may re-use any of the Gauchito documentation, but you will need to add to it in order to address each and every grading criterion. Check your filled-in Project Charter worksheet template against the grading criteria to make sure you have included everything. Part Two: Using what you have learned from the texts, the websites and the PMBOK Guide, and what you understand from the given WBS at tracked level (in Appendix WT of the Gauchito file, starting on p. 19) and the fully decomposed Work Breakdown Structure (starting on p. 113 of Appendix D of the Gauchito file in Doc Sharing), complete the assignment for Part 2 by analyzing the fully decomposed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Using MS Word, answer the following questions: • What are the deliverables? • What are the tasks? The subtasks? The work packages? • Would any of the activities listed exceed 80 man-hours of effort? • How do you know if you’ve decomposed your WBS activities far enough? • Does the information given allow for control of the project? Why or why not?

With the state of our health care system ever chan...

With the state of our health care system ever changing, the trends in health promotion and education have become equally dynamic. Examine the following trends as they relate to health education/promotion: demographic changes, societal trends, professional preparation and credentialing, and implications for practice settings. Collectively, what do these trends tell us about the future of health education/promotion? On page 343 in Chapter 10 of your course text, the author highlights four actions that current and future health education specialists need to take in order to keep the professional viable. Describe these actions and discuss your personal role in fulfilling them.

Due to the exponential increase of health knowledg...

Due to the exponential increase of health knowledge throughout history, the need for health education has subsequently grown. Briefly describe health and health education in each period of history (early humans, early efforts at public health, early cultures, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, and the 1800s). Compare public health in the United States from the 1700s to present. Discuss at least three events that validated health education as being a necessity.

Develop a report in terms of the following guideli...

Develop a report in terms of the following guidelines. A well-written report should have a brief introduction, headings or subheadings, and a brief concluding comment. Note that you should use some keywords as headings or subheadings such as “Facts Recap,” instead of a sentence or a question.
Briefly review the facts reported in the article.
Was Amazon wise to get into publishing in addition to its very strong position in retailing new and used books? Explain your answer.
If you were a popular author of children’s fiction (with a successful past relationship with a traditional publisher) and your agent (another member of the book publishing channel) asked you whether to approach Amazon regarding the publication of your latest project, what would you say? Why?
Would it matter if you were working on your first book and had no previous relationship with an editor or publisher? If yes, why would this make a difference?
In your judgment, do you think that either Amazon or Barnes & Noble is likely to change the strategic decisions reported in this article? Why?
Expectations Regarding Your References and Defense of Your Positions
Write clearly, simply and logically. Your paper should be 750-1000 words long, excluding title pages and references, but quality of writing is more important than length. Use double-spaced, black Verdana or Times Roman font in 12 pt. type size.
Back up your positions or opinions with references to the required reading found in the Module 1-4 Backgrounds and Ongoing Useful Resources. In using those references, demonstrate your understanding of the concepts presented. Rather than grading on how much information you find, emphasis will be on the defense of the positions you take on the issues. Also remember that:
(1) The “why” is more important than the “what.”
(2) The defense of your positions on the issues is more important than the positions you take.

What do you expect will be the character of the 21...

What do you expect will be the character of the 21st century? Peaceful? War-prone? Chaotic? What authors have you read in Weeks One to Four of the course who support your view? Which authors’ theoretical approaches seem at odds with your prediction? Why?

Consider the wide spectrum of business organizatio...

Consider the wide spectrum of business organizations, ranging from large corporations to working at home. Describe at least three types of business organizations that you are familiar with or that you would like to know more about. How is each one advantageous to the business owner?