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Our country has become increasingly diverse and fo...

Our country has become increasingly diverse and for more than two hundred years, America has maintained Judeo-Christian principled communities. Our schools are now comprised of Christians, Jewish, Buddhists, Muslims, and Catholics faiths. In this section, learners will be exposed to the aspects of religion in public schools and understand the rights of students as outlined by the First Amendment.
Required Reading:
Assignment 5 Week 5: Religion and Education
A heavily debated issue in America concerns religion in public schools. The First Amendment prohibits establishing or promoting religious worship in schools. Gollnick and Chinn (2009) stated �Throughout the history of this country, various individuals and groups tend to interpret this amendment to meet their own needs and interests. For some people, religious emphasis is appropriate in the public schools as long as it is congruent with their own religious persuasion� (p 239).
Assessing the Impact of Religion on Education
Required Reading
Gollnick, D. M., & Chinn, P. C. (2009) Multicultural education in a pluralistic society
Chapter 7- Religion
Although the Supreme Court voted in 1963 to remove prayer books from schools, the issue is still hotly debated. This video Standing Alone illustrate how a high school in Utah, with a large Mormon population, refuses to honor the view of a Jewish girl, a member of the school choir, who asks that the members sing fewer religious songs.

While watching this video, consider and reflect in the following questions.
Is this the way we want to see our future society?
As an educational leader, how could such a situation impact your school community?
What steps could an educational leader employ to prevent such a situation?

Activity (2 pages of 350 words)
In this activity, please craft a well written and well thought out response to the following scenario.
The superintendent of the Shady Tree School District is concerned with an application filed with the State�s Department of Education to open a charter school in the district. The opening of a charter school will decrease the state funding to the district, so views on charter schools from the community are mixed. The charter school being proposed will require all students to take Hebrew to fulfill their state�s mandated world language requirement. The founder of the charter school shared with the media the school is not faith based, religion will not be taught and the classroom structure will be segregated based upon gender to ensure less distractions. The community and media are giving much attention to this charter school application because it�s funding will come from public funds.
As a member of the community, please create a letter to the newspaper editor responding to the situation. Your letter may support or oppose the opening of this charter school. Please use citations to support your reasoning and facts shared.
Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Describe chronologically and analytically the tech...

Describe chronologically and analytically the technology and ideas(political ideas, books, theories in government, new methods on life) of Poland and the Ottoman Empire.

1st Paragraph; Poland Technology/Ideas
2nd Paragraph; Ottoman Technology/Ideas
3rd Paragraph; Compare and Contrast Poland Technology/Ideas and Ottoman Technology/Ideas

Summary of the Oswalt text, The Bible Among the M...

Summary of the Oswalt text, The Bible Among the Myths, and must be at least 11 pages, not including the title page. Please be sure to summarize each chapter, as well as the introduction and conclusion. Write a one page summary for each introduction, chapter, conclusion and postscript found in the books. These are not intended to be book reviews, but summary re-statement of the author’s works in your own words. Limit direct quotations from the books. Summarize the authors’ concepts in your own words. Add a title page in Turabian format for each book summary. The title page does not count toward the total number of pages. With exception of the title page, use 1-inch margins all around throughout the body of the papers.

Comparison and contrast essay about both stories ...

Comparison and contrast essay about both stories “The Pomegranate ” and “Bamboo leaf boats” by Kawabata Yasunari.
Include quotes from the story ,talk about the themes and don’t forget to include a thesis statement in your introduction. (1000 words,cite your work)

Outline a reflection paper on the value of the wri...

Outline a reflection paper on the value of the writing process
The last time you used outlining in this class, you were embarking on a complex writing assignment: a research paper. This time, your topic is more relaxed. You may draw on personal experience as evidence in this reflection paper.

For this assignment, refer back to pages 24-28, and create a formal outline for your reflection paper on the writing process. Your topic in this paper is the value of the writing process and your related experience.

Objective: Assess the vulnerabilities of an organi...

Objective: Assess the vulnerabilities of an organization’s hardware and software systems, transmission media, local area networks, wide area networks, enterprise networks, Intranets, and its use of the Internet to cyber intrusions.

Competencies: Critical thinking

Instructions: In 8 -10 double-spaced pages develop an argument for what you believe is the single most important cybersecurity vulnerability facing IT managers today. The paper should include at a minimum a complete description of the vulnerability, the reasons why it is the most important, the impact of this vulnerability on organizations and how organizations can best address its potential impacts. (Note: A vulnerability is a security weakness; a vulnerability is not a security threat.)

Prepare your paper in Word. Include a minimum of 5 sources. The citations and the reference list in the paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines.

Choose an issue on which you have strong feelings....

Choose an issue on which you have strong feelings. Write an essay arguing your position on the issue. Your purpose is to convince your readers to take your argument seriously. You will want to use the three types of proofs (support) to argue your side as well as avoid fallacies and address the other side of the argument by acknowledging readers’ opposing views and any objections or questions they may have.
Please write in complete sentences and compose your essay in MLA format by double spacing and employing a proper router box, header, and creative title. Your assignment should be three to five pages in length. You will lose up to ten total points for the presence of the second person you in your writing.

Define social psychology. b. Discuss how social ps...

Define social psychology.
b. Discuss how social psychology differs from other related disciplines (e.g., clinical psychology, general psychology, sociology).
c. Explain the role of research in social psychology.