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United States Census Data for the City of Frisco ...

United States Census Data for the City of Frisco

Analyze the 2010 United States Census Data for the City of Frisco, Texas and tell me what data says to you about the economic development future of the city.

Planning Local Economic Development: Theory and Practice by EdwardJ. Blakeiy and NanceyGreen Leigh,
4th and 5th Editions

Individual Assignment: Resistance to Change Paper ...

Individual Assignment: Resistance to Change Paper
Resource: Managing Organizational Change: a multiple perspectives approach, by Palmer, Dunford, and Akin
� Prepare an 800 -word paper identifying both organizational and individual causes of resistance to change.
� Describe how Lewin�s theory of change can be used to overcome resistance to change.
� Integrate the assigned readings to your discussion and properly cite your specific references.
� Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and use at least two references.

Strategic Leadership and Innovation at Apple Inc. ...

Strategic Leadership and Innovation at Apple Inc. Answer questions 1-4 in APA style paper, and supported with the concepts outlined in your text and from your previous classes.
Describe the current state of the computing industry and identify any opportunities or threats facing industry players.
Which Grand Strategies has Apple Inc. used in the past. Evaluate the success of these strategies.
Which Grand Strategy is Apple Inc. currently using? Explain your answer in relation to the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix.
Provide at least two recommendations for Apple Inc. to be successful in the present state of the industry.

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Ru...

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center.
Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.
Assignment 1: To Build or Buy
Due Week 4 and worth 240 points
Select a small business that you visit often (e.g., coffee shop, bookstore, sporting goods store, etc.). Write a 1-2 page paper in which you:
1.Craft a brief (1-2 pages) strategy for a business concept that would directly compete with the small business you selected. Explain the rationale for the strategy in detail.
2.Determine if it would make more sense to open the new business you describe or to purchase the existing business you selected. Explain your reasoning.
3.Discuss the most appropriate form of ownership for your new business (assuming your current financial situation).
4.Outline a business plan for your business. Visit for tools and templates.
5.Include at least two (2) references outside the textbook.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
�Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
�Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student�s name, the professor�s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
�Analyze the nature of entrepreneurship, business ethics, and social responsibility in managing a successful small business.
�Analyze a business strategy and supporting business plan for a small business concept
�Describe and analyze the necessary activities and key decisions to start a small business.
�Use technology and information resources to research issues in small business management.
�Write clearly and concisely about small business management using proper writing mechanics.
Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills.

Discuss what makes one a good teacher or a bad tea...

Discuss what makes one a good teacher or a bad teacher. Come up with specific criteria and then apply it to a specific teacher or multiple teachers (do not write about both good and bad, but select one or the other).

Kennedy, A.L. On Bullfighting. Knopf. Short Articl...

Kennedy, A.L. On Bullfighting. Knopf.
Short Article: “What is Sport?” by Roland Barthes
Select the statement from Barthes which you believe most loudly compels a close comparative reading of Ernest Hemingway’s “Death in the Afternoon” and Kennedy. The Barthes statement ought to be no longer than one or two sentences.
In this three- to four-page synthesis paper you will make a close reading of Hemingway and Kennedy in relation to that Barthes statement.
Be clear: Barthes opens up an area for discussion, but the thesis and body of paper are exclusive to Hemingway and Kennedy.
Overall Requirements for Synthesis
o This is a short thesis-driven paper. As such, it requires everything expected of a thesis: originality, precision, depth, insight, focus. And as with Paper 1, you are asked to make every effort to go beyond the expected when reflecting on Hemingway and Kennedy.
o Your thesis will be closely pursued through the paper. Each paragraph will serve to prove your thesis through a relevant main idea stated clearly in a topic sentence.
o Each piece of evidence from text will be analyzed in terms its significance to your argument. It is not good enough to leave the quotation hanging there; you must react to it.
o Lengthy quotation is not permitted; you must choose wisely and well, selecting that which speaks most directly and succinctly to your thesis.
Paper Organization for Synthesis
1. Place your short Barthes statement at the very beginning of your introductory paragraph. Yes, as the very first thing in the paper.
2. Contextualize: who is writing? what is the title of the piece? Explicate: what is at issue in this statement? This will lead into the topic for your synthesis paper.
3. Begin to set out your synthesis topic clearly, in sentences that show progress of thought: how does Barthes open up a topic area in the literature of bullfighting?
4. And how does that topic play through Hemingway’s and Kennedy’s writing about bullfighting?
5. Now get specific: the Hemingway-Kennedy thesis constructed within that topic. How are your authors connected? Your thesis is your argument within that connection.
6. Each body paragraph will serve to prove your thesis through a relevant main idea stated clearly
in a topic sentence.
7. Within each paragraph: judicious choice of evidence (textual quotations, followed by MLA in-text citation) to support main ideas, followed by measured analysis of that evidence. Each piece of evidence from text will be analyzed in terms its significance to your argument. It is not good enough to leave the quotation hanging there; you must respond to it.
8. Your conclusion should strive for far more than a simple reproduction and summary of the paper’s main ideas. Take the space afforded by that paragraph… and reflect, consider the ramifications of your line of argument, think about returning us to the key quotation, this time recast in different form… in other words, leave the reader both satisfied and curious.
Format Requirements and Professionalism
o MLA presentation of your name, course title, professor’s name and date. Numbered pages.
o A captivating title, with mention of the main authors under synthesis
o Double spacing. Times New Roman size 12 font.
o Flawless MLA in-text citation. Works Cited page with full MLA details for texts used. Works
Cited does not count as one of the paper’s pages.
I was already thinking about the Barthes statement: The last sentence of “Man has made his victory his spectacle, so that it might become the victory of all those watching him and recognizing themselves in him”.
If we decide to choose this statement he could use Hemingway’s chapter 7 and the end section of his book called “Some Reactions”. By doing this we would be talking about the crowd’s reactions and type of people that attend these type of events.

Analysing both the reaction of American citizens t...

Analysing both the reaction of American citizens to Khrushchev’s visit and Khrushchev’s own comments and critiques about his experiences in the United States: make an argument about the nature of Khrushchev’s trip and what it exposes about American society and values during the Cold War.
Your essay should be 7-8 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font, 1 inch margins. All direct quotes should be footnoted in Chicago Style. Feel free to incorporate any pertinent information you’ve learned in class, but the focus should be on the book. No additional outside research is required.

Write a 4 page paper in APA format. Include two sc...

Write a 4 page paper in APA format. Include two scholarly references regarding the topic.
- Compare the options provided by two major health care plans that facilitate the patient?s access to care
- Compare the options provided by two major health care plans that limit the patient?s access to care
- Evaluate the impact of DRG?s on treatment, length of stay, referrals and payment of service
- Evaluate the role of charity care within a health care facility

Assignment Guidance Your assignment deals with leg...

Assignment Guidance
Your assignment deals with legal issues which can arise in the business world. You need to identify the relevant issues, the law which is relevant and then apply the law to the issues. You need to explain whatever conclusions you draw. The process by which you arrive at your conclusions is as least as important as the conclusions themselves so you must set out your reasoning in applying the law.
Clearly you must read thoroughly. This means reading your lecture notes, the appropriate parts of the textbook and any secondary sources (journal articles) relevant to the issues it raises. Reading widely will inform your thinking and help you arrive at your own conclusions. A search of the Legal Journals Index (available via Westlaw) for articles may turn up useful sources. You should be aware that the best sources are legal journals (many of which are available in both hard copy and online – some are only available in hard copy in the library). Beware of other online sources – not all are of high quality.
A high quality assignment will:
• correctly identify and discuss the issues raised
• have a logical and coherent structure
• be relevant throughout
• give an accurate and knowledgeable account of the law
• provide academic argument (as opposed to narrative) and support that argument with evidence (legislation, case law, academic publications etc)
• refer to a range of legal and academic sources
• draw conclusions which are supported by the preceding discussion
• present discussion in a clear and articulate manner
• observe academic conventions (bibliography etc.).
In order to achieve this you should:
• organise your information into major issues, related sub-issues, interesting tangential points
• continually ask yourself: “why is this relevant?” Do this throughout your reading and do it when you’re writing your essay draft – it helps clarify your thoughts (and therefore your self-expression) and keeps your essay relevant
• have the confidence to leave some things out. It hurts, but the aim is not to impress your tutor with your encyclopaedic knowledge: it’s to use the most important of your information to the best effect. It’s much better to go for depth of discussion than to jam in everything on the subject.
• write a draft essay well in advance of the submission deadline. Leave it alone for a couple of days, then go back to it and read it through. You will almost certainly have ideas for improvements.
Assignment Question
‘In terms of the law, agency and distributions arrangements are essentially the same.’
• Format of your work: if you type your work, please use Arial font, pitch size 12 and spacing of 1.5. Please note: if your work is to be subjected to the JISC Plagiarism detection test, then your work MUST be word processed.
• Word limit: you must complete the assignment in a maximum of 3000 words. Bibliography, footnotes etc. are not included in the word count. Please do not abuse footnotes: they are not to be used for ‘hiding’ text that should be in the main body of your work. You should state the word-count on your work – please note that checks will be carried out.
• Sources used in this work should be referenced in accordance with the Harvard referencing system.
• Penalties for excessive word-counts: Once the word limit has been reached any excess material will not be assessed.

-Using Singin’ in the Rain as an example, descri...

-Using Singin’ in the Rain as an example, describe at least TWO common features of movie musicals in the ”the Golden Age” of Hollywood( late 1920s-1950s)
-Please refer to the content of the movie and the common features of the golden age. Please note that those are the basic requirements.
-If it helps, I think the presence of technicolor, the transition from silents to talkies and the nostalgic-driven sales message are all very common features of the golden age, and which can be found in the movie as well.