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Describe the historial context that influenced the...

Describe the historial context that influenced the work of American authors.
• Discuss literary terms as they relate to the readings.

Navigate to Doc Sharing and download the American Literature Study Guide to help you with this assignment.

Overview: Your team will create one PowerPoint presentation according to the instructions below. Each member of your team will contribute information and help the leader compile the information into one final presentation.

Team assignment:
1.Using your research on Fitzgerald, your team will create a PowerPoint presentation of 5-7 slides about the author’s life and how his life experiences influenced his writing. Include at least three visuals. (Note about visuals: You can create your own visuals, use clip art, or use items from the Internet. If you use Internet images in your presentation, cite the sources on your final slide.)
2.As the week begins, join your team and do the following:◦Each team should select a leader.
◦Each team member should participate fully. Points will be based on both the amount of material posted and the quality of the work posted.
◦Each team member should make at least one substantial and detailed contribution to the presentation, plus at least two team interaction comments that help to advance the project or that offer valuable feedback about what has been posted.
◦Remember that short comments, such as “I will go along with what everyone wants to do,” earn no points. Offer significant material that advances the project.
◦Instead of listing web sites, offer the information from that site along with the reference.
◦Do not just offer material that was cut-and-pasted from the web sites; instead, write up the information in your own words.

3.The team leader will submit the presentation, to the Doc Sharing area for your team.
4.Title the presentation using the team designation and course section. (For example: TeamA-AML2000-1001) *Important note: The presentation must be posted in Doc Sharing, to receive credit for the assignment.

Present the results of your research on hospitals ...

Present the results of your research on hospitals in the US and analysis of the hospital sector that includes the following elements:

Describe of the hospital sector’s historical development and current role in health care delivery
Identify and analyze major challenges that the hospital sector faced prior to passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Identify and analyze challenges the hospital sector is likely to face in the future, given passage of the health care reform law and associated regulations (which, in some cases, are still being written).
Analyze the possible benefits and risks for the hospital sector that are associated with health care reform.

*include Historical Development and Current State of Health Care Delivery
Challenges and Issues Prior to Health Care Reform, hospital Sector Specific Challenges
Potential Risks and Benefits.

Include a discussion of the implications of your findings for the three overriding issues in health care today—cost, quality, and access as they pertain to hospital care.

Annie has been recently hired full time at a major...

Annie has been recently hired full time at a major tech company where she interned for two summers during her college career. Annie loves her job and has established many strong relationships with her co-workers over the time she has worked there. The company encourages the interns and new hires to interact with VPs and upper management in order to create an open and friendly atmosphere.
During her time as an intern, Annie began to notice that one of the VPs paid her extra attention. When he was around he would always make an extra effort to stop by Annie’s cubicle and chat: something he did not do with any of the other interns. He reached out to her over social networking sites and even invited her to a gathering at his house. Some of her co-workers began to make offhand comments to Annie about the extra attention.
Now that she was in a full time position, Annie began to dread that she would soon have to work with this VP directly. While he has not done or said anything explicitly inappropriate, the extra attention—and the fact that her co-workers noticed it—made her very uncomfortable and undermined her concentration on work. When she was hired, she was told that she should always speak to her manager if she was uncomfortable or had issues with the work environment. While at the same time, she is afraid to come across like a tattletale since the VP hasn’t explicitly done anything wrong.
What course of action should Annie take?


Identify the organizational group involved.
What was the basis of the ethical conflict?
What impact did legal pressures have on the situation?
What impact did societal pressures have?
Was the act illegal or just unethical? Explain.
How could organizational leadership have avoided this issue?
Recommend at least two models of ethical decision-making that the organization could use to avoid ethical issues of this sort in the future.
Reflect upon your personal values as they relate to this decision. How would you have handled this differently? Why?
Describe what you have learned concerning business ethics from doing this case study and discuss how you can apply your knowledge in your chosen career. For example, how would you distinguish solid facts from beliefs, desires, theories, unsupported conclusions, opinions, and rationalizations?
Explain why business ethics are important.
Based on what you have learned in this course, what is your attitude concerning ethics and leadership?

The Death of John Using the Archetypal Myth Critic...

The Death of John Using the Archetypal Myth Criticism of Animus – male aspect – an inner masculine part of the female personality or a woman’s image of a man.

When you have completed your re-reading of your selected story and decided which literary theory to apply, compose no fewer than 500 words analyzing your selected story to illustrate the critical theory you find most helpful to understanding the chosen fiction.

You should make sure to highlight the theory’s main points in your first paragraph and show how that theory relates to your selected story.

Do not summarize the short story, but, rather, focus on how the theory you choose to work with helps explain one of the story’s themes.

EXAMPLES: Explain how your selected story reflects/illustrates:

•the archetype of the stoic nurse/soldier and to what end/meaning. .
•how a story reveals a state of mind, and to what end/meaning. (psychoanalysis). .
•how a story (A) implies a reader or (B) engages in a transaction with YOU as reader, discussing what experiences you bring to your illustration of what you feel the story reveals to you and analyzing how the text produces a response in you as a reader, i.e. makes meaning (Reader-Response).

Case Analysis Olympia Machine Company inc case Stu...

Case Analysis Olympia Machine Company inc case Study
The paper has to be 15–20 pages in length, excluding the cover and reference pages, and should follow APA formatting style. It should accurately identifies the root of the problem and the correlation of the symptoms integral to effective analysis; thoughtfully, chooses 2-3 alternative solutions, analyzes and justifies the reasons for the choices; presents, evaluates, and analyzes critical activities that are the best solution to the problem; the implementation plan demonstrates analytical strategy in the scope and sequence of a cohesive schedule for action; feedback evaluation identifies and distinguishes consequences to the solution considering context, assumptions, and evidence.

Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words in which you ex...

Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words in which you extrapolate what the world of 2100 will look like in regard to genetic testing, genetic engineering, and cloning. Write this paper based on your forecasts.
1. How can the human genome be used to eradicate disease?
2. What will be the effects of positive and negative eugenics in society? Is eugenics acceptable?
3. Will this improve society?
4. What inherent dangers can you foresee?
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required

Rebuttal statements from each student are to be po...

Rebuttal statements from each student are to be posted within the CLC Forum by the end of Module 5.
2. References and citations are required. “I agree” statements are not acceptable responses.
3. Students will not be required to submit final work. All participation and posts should be made and clearly identified within the CLC Forum.
4. While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide,

That explores the role security plays in protectin...

That explores the role security plays in protecting an organization’s assets. Incorporated into the document should be a discussion of the security director’s various professional responsibilities (including loss prevention, investigation, and administrative and managerial functions) and the critical skills required for him or her to succeed; the importance of internal and external relationships to the fulfillment of the security department’s mission; and the broad spectrum of activities in which security operatives involve themselves to protect an organization’s assets.

Project Manager, Megan Smith, has asked your group...

Project Manager, Megan Smith, has asked your group to research and report on the opportunity to expand a product offering in a foreign country. Specifically, your group is tasked with researching and reporting on one of “HairCare Products” economy products, a shampoo called “Everyday Essence”.
Pressure has come from the CEO and Board of Directors of “HairCare Products” to increase the availability of a superior product to foreign countries at an economy price.
Your group is expected to assess the extent that “Everyday Essence” can meet the demand necessary for profitability in a chosen country or region over the next year and provide sound rationale behind your group’s final decision. To do this your group is expected to consider the consumer and business dynamics in the marketplace (competition, segments, social customs, class structures, politics, religion, family life, etc.) company limitations (business operations), and the factors influencing potential profit (i.e. shipping, distribution, taxes, etc.). Essentially, “HairCare Products” is open to new ideas, if they are backed up with sound rationale so feel free to think outside-the-box. All the information your group will need (excluding research and business report/presentation formatting) is provided on the following pages.

Company Information – HairCare Products
HairCare Products is a large sized manufacturer of a range of personal hygiene products, best known in the United States for shampoos, soaps, shower gels and men’ s shaving accessories. The launch of “ Everyday Essence” 30 years ago as HairCare Products first entrant into the shampoo market has solidified the organization’s footing with local, regional and eventual national success by achieving and maintaining the spot of #1 selling shampoo by volume and sales for the past 20 years. HairCare Products expanded their offerings to include over 20 different shampoos in every segment of the shampoo market as well as a range of other personal hygiene products.
The organizational culture of HairCare Products places a high value on maintaining tight financial control, as many members of the Board of Directors were first trained as accountants. Profits from HairCare Products best known brands are currently stagnating as competition in the United States has expanded dramatically over the past five years with both store brand and niche brands eating away at many loyal consumer segments for a variety of reasons. The opportunity to maintain growth has been identified in foreign countries by possibly bringing a #1 U.S. product to consumers in these uncharted countries.
Everyday Essence’s success to date has in part been due to the product’s image of having good quality ingredients at a price point that consumers find reasonable. Advertising has taken a factual approach to promoting the ‘ingredients’ compared to major competitors along with ‘price’ versus those competitors. Past marketing slogans included: “Everyday Essence – An Everyday Shampoo with ingredients to manage Everyday Hair at an Everyday Price” and “Everyday Essence – An Everyday Shampoo for those who want a superior product at an Everyday Price”. There has been little change in packaging and advertising over the past 30 years since the product’s launch.
Group Project Expectations
• Groups will select a city, region, or country (South Korea is my country)to expand Everyday Essence
• Groups will develop an informational and persuasive formal business report and presentation for the CEO and Board of Directors of HairCare Products
• Groups must decide whether or not their goal is to persuade the CEO and Board of Directors of HairCare Products to expand Everyday Essence into a foreign entity based upon their research findings.

o Remember the CEO and Board of Directors of HairCare Products has requested this report on the potential expansion of Everyday Essence into a foreign city, region, or country. They are placing the responsibility on your group to determine through sound research and rationale a recommendation for their consideration. They are not looking for a group that just assumes that they want expansion and forms the report and presentation to support that goal. They need honest feedback and if expansion is not warranted that is okay, but provide the rationale and research supporting why.
• Your group is an internal group (not an outside consultant) that has been formed by the Project Manager, Megan Smith for this assignment.
• Your group is not centrally located, so each member is to be assigned a topic area to research using some of the questions provided in a subsequent page as a guide.

o The Body of the Business Report (from Executive Summary to Conclusions and Recommendations) is expected to be at least 6 to 8 pages
o Additional Pages include:
 1 page Cover
 1 page Memorandum
 1 page Contents
 1-3 pages References (use APA style)

6 pages (single spaced) 6 Sections to write about 1 page per section single spaced
South Korea is my country.

• Existing U.S. and Popular Brand Competition in the market
• Potential expansion interest or speculation for competitor products in the market
• Consumer desirables for existing markets: Low, Mid-Range, and High End products
• Consumer segments that Everyday Essence could capture
• Dynamics of consumer segments: Class Structure, Social Customs, Religion, Family Life, etc.
• Technology level and access of City, Region, or Country

Prepare a memorandum with the subject being Nuclea...

Prepare a memorandum with the subject being Nuclear Non-Proliferation as a threat to national security. The Memo should begin by identifying and explaining the national interest. This should be followed by an explanation of the most serious threat to this national security interest, and then the identity of the Federal Department or Agency with primary responsibility for countering this threat together with at least one example of what it has accomplished.