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Assume that Country A has a population of 500,000 ...

Assume that Country A has a population of 500,000 and only produces one good—cars. Country A produces 100,000 cars per year. The people in Country A purchase 90,000 cars, but there are not enough cars to fulfill all the demand. They decide to import 50,000 more. The government buys 25,000 cars for its police force, and 10,000 cars are bought by companies to transport employees to other locations to work. They also export 65,000 cars to nearby countries for sale.

What is Country A’s GDP?
What is the composition of GDP by percentage?
What is the GDP per capita?
How does this relate to Keynesian economics?

Part III

Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis on the Department of Commerce’s Web site, and look up the latest new release for real GDP. Address the following questions after reading the latest release:

Where are we in the business cycle?
What is the real GDP today?
What is the largest component of GDP?
What is the smallest component of GDP?
What is the fastest growing component of GDP and why?
What components of GDP were involved in the change from last month to this month?
What is the price index today?
What caused the change?

Describe John Maynard Keynes’ contribution to th...

Describe John Maynard Keynes’ contribution to the theories of Macroeconomics. Why was he such an important economist? Discuss the theories of two other 20th century economists who made a significant contribution to the study of economics.

The Production Possibilities Frontier curve shows ...

The Production Possibilities Frontier curve shows the economic choices a country can make about production given scarce resources, a given technology, and a given quantity of inputs.
Assume you are a developing country, producing food and clothing at maximum capacity.
How does scarcity influence the decisions that need to be made about what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce in this country?
What are some examples of the types of factors of production you would consider expanding if this country produces food and clothing?
What could happen when foreign investors start investing in your country?
Discuss what type of foreign investments would be best for the economy’s PPF.
What are the opportunity costs of these decisions?
Include what will happen to private and public choices as the economy grows.

Graphic Organizer — Comparing and Contrasting Bi...

Graphic Organizer — Comparing and Contrasting Biological and Behaviorist Theories

Jane and John are brother and sister. They are also fraternal twins. Interestingly, even though they are siblings within the same family—and twins—they react quite differently to their environments. Jane is outgoing and never meets a stranger. She enjoys large gatherings of friends, participates in many extracurricular activities in school, and is a cheerleader and captain of her volleyball team. She loves to travel, meet new people, and experience different cultures. Her twin brother, John, is a quiet and studious young man. He loves to read, and he listens to classical music. His has a small, intimate circle of friends who share the same interests. He is not at all interested in sports. He is captain of his school’s chess team; in fact, his idea of the perfect sporting event is a chess competition. When it comes to travel, he would prefer to stay home—unless he is traveling to a chess competition.

How could you apply a comparison and contrast of biological and behaviorist theories to better understand and demonstrate the differences between this brother and sister? An excellent way is with a graphic organizer.

A graphic organizer is a visual construct that organizes information into a structure that allows you to understand complex information. The biological and behaviorist theories can be viewed in a graphic display that allows for comparison, contrast, and analysis of the details of both theories in juxtaposition with one another. You may choose which type of Graphic Organizer you want to use; however, take into consideration the topic upon which you are focusing. Certain Graphic Organizers are not appropriate for the material you will be organizing.

Analyze the Lewis and Clark expedition from the Na...

Analyze the Lewis and Clark expedition from the Native American perspective. How did the Lewis and Clark expedition impact Native Americans? What groups encountered Lewis and Clark? Which of those groups assisted Lewis and Clark? What groups were hostile toward Lewis and Clark? What impact did the Lewis and Clark expedition have on United States policy toward Native Americans? How did that policy impact Native American communities?

Review Assignment 9 in Chapter 17 ( Cleverley, W.,...

Review Assignment 9 in Chapter 17 ( Cleverley, W., Song, P., & Cleverley, J. 2011 Essentials of health care finance 7th ed. .. Sudbury, MA: Jones &Bartlett ). Prepare a four to five page report (excluding title and reference pages), where you evaluate the performance of the Radiology department manager for a hospital.

The service unit or output for this department is the number of procedures performed. A static budget was prepared at the beginning of the year. You are now tasked with examining that budget in relation to actual experience. The relevant data are included in Table 17-18. The department manager is pleased because they have a favorable $120,000 cost variance. Evaluate the effectiveness claims of the manager using the budgetary variance mode described in Chapter 17. What is your analysis of the department manager’s performance? Explain your reasoning.

Your paper must include an introduction, thesis, and conclusion and be four to five page double-spaced (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Utilize a minimum of three- to- five scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources (excluding the course text) that were published within the last five years, in APA format.

Using a word processing program, write a response ...

Using a word processing program, write a response to the following questions:
•Which would concern you more should you be caught shoplifting: receiving legal punishment or having to face the reactions of your friends and family?
•Would the reactions of your friends be different than the reactions of your family? In what way?

A proper fit between a business strategy and a hum...

A proper fit between a business strategy and a human resource strategy can help retain and motivate employees, which can enhance organizational performance and create a sustained competitive advantage in human capital. The core strategy for many organizations relies on the work produced by its best and brightest employees. Even the most well developed strategy is of little use without the proper employees to execute it. An organization’s approach to compensation and other incentives has a strong influence on attracting, motivating, and retaining valued employees. For example, providing a bonus for a superior performance evaluation, acknowledging employees who have made significant contributions in reaching business goals, and demonstrating support for an employee during personal family situations are all ways that can boost morale within an organization. If employees know that an organization has their best interest in mind, they will continue to work with the organization’s best interest in theirs.

For this week’s Assignment, you will analyze how benefits and incentives can be used to enhance an organization’s sustainable competitive advantage. You will then evaluate how you can align the incentives given by HR with the business goals of an organization.

To complete this Assignment, use the following premise:

Think of the organization for which you work, or aspire to work. It could be the same type of organization that you have chosen to cite for a previous Discussion, the one that you researched for your Week 1 Assignment, or a new one.

Now, imagine that this organization will be opening a new office in your town, and has asked you to head the HR department. The CEO confides in you that he has not been happy with the way that HR has been run in other locations. He would like you to design a new format that will intertwine the organization’s practical business strategies with valuable HR strategies. The CEO tells you that he would like more emphasis placed on the people in his organization, as he believes that they hold the true key to competitive advantage and increased revenue. Both nervous and excited, you start researching the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the company. You know that aligning the HR strategy with these policies in mind will be essential for this shift in value.

Now, respond to the following in a 3- to 4-page paper:

Briefly describe the organization that you have chosen in order to provide context for the remainder of the Assignment.
Analyze your organization from a business perspective.
What is your organization’s mission statement? For example, if you were to search for Coca-Cola’s mission statement, you would find that they aim to, “refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, to create value and make a difference.”
Using what you have been introduced to about sustainable competitive advantage, identify whether this organization is currently attaining their overall mission.
If yes, cite scholarly evidence that supports why this organization is a successful company achieving its mission. Provide specific examples that demonstrate ways in which this company rises above competitors.
If no, justify why this organization appears to be failing to meet its mission. Cite specific examples that demonstrate ways in which this company is not as strong as other competitors.

Analyze your organization from an HR perspective.
Formulate an HR mission statement. Your mission statement must align with the business goals and mission of the organization, while also identifying HR as a key partner in driving the organization’s success.
Generate two specific benefits, and/or incentives that HR could use to motivate managers towards achieving the long term organizational goals of the company while creating a competitive edge.
Provide evidence that supports how this would change the way in which managers view and manage their employees, using strategic management practices.
How does shifting the value of the organization towards employees enhance an organization’s competitive advantage?

Last week, you discovered a topic (a particular re...

Last week, you discovered a topic (a particular relationship) and explored that relationship in depth. Now, you will explain the nature of the relationship in writing.

Using the feedback you received from your instructor last week on your rough draft, complete the following:
•Write your final essay that examines a particular relationship and its significance.

Use the guidelines shown in Chapter 3 to develop your ideas and shape your essay.